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About Semiramis Hotel

About Semiramis Hotel

Semiramis Hotel located in the center of Damascus city.
Stately stroll to commercial sites , museums , shopping and entertainment district. Excellent range of facilities: /* 24 hour room service /* 18 hour laundry , dry cleaning /* Business center, internet services /* Beauty saloon /* Health club / Shopping arcades /* jewelery shop /* swimming pool /* Non smoking floor /* Taxi services /


Who is Semiramis

Semiramis An Arab queen who ruled in the 6th century B.C. It has been said that she was born from the womb of a celestial mother who abandoned her after birth. She was adopted and reared by a band of doves .It has also been said that she built Damascus city or its surrounding wall .
The dove was her scared bird.
That is why she was known under the names off Semirna, Mother of Doves. And Semiramis, Priestess of Doves.It is well known that doves and pigeons are very abundant in Damascus city where they enjoy a special status.

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